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Chapter History Challenge

Below is a history article from the Swineline on when our chapter started. If you have been in the chapter for more than a year or two, you have history in the chapter. Let's start a contest to see who has been in the chapter the longest and for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place for best History Blog Article for the year starting as of the date of this Blog posting. So start blogging history my fellow members and tell us all of your most favorite rides or chapter events. Also post a blog on when you joined Sunset HOG and let's find out who has been part of the chapter the longest since we started in 1989. List what bike you owned when you joined and what bikes you have added since.

The contest for the best 3 blog posts will end at the end of this year (2018) and then we will start a new contest starting in January 2019.

David Brown


October 2017 Swineline Article

The official Harley Owners Group (H.O.G.) started in 1983 and was a marketing effort by Harley-Davidson Motor Company to build longer-lasting and stronger relationships with Harley-Davidson’s customers. Every official H.O.G. Chapter has to be sponsored by a Harley -Davidson Dealership. Today H.O.G.’s official purpose for each Chapter is as follows: The purpose of the local Chapter shall be to promote responsible Harley-Davidson motorcycling activities for Harley Owners Group members by conducting Chapter activities and encouraging participation in the other H.O.G. events. Chapter activities and operations shall be conducted in a manner consistent with a family-oriented, non-political, non-religious philosophy. The Chapter exists to develop a closer relationship between the Harley-Davidson rider and the authorized Harley-Davidson Dealership. What do you think, does the Sunset H.O.G. Chapter feel like it meets National H.O.G.’s purposes? After a year plus as a member of Sunset H.O.G., I believe that our Chapter does meet National’s purposes. I have felt safe every time I have gone on a group ride. I felt accepted by the other members of the Club and it does feel like a family of motorcycle riders (bikers). I don’t see any shortage of events. There are so many events each year, I don’t think I could ever make all of them. The only employees I really knew at Paradise Harley-Davidson before joining the Chapter was a few of parts guys and Clayton. Now I know more employees and the owner. So, summing it all up, I would like to say congratulations Sunset H.O.G. on meeting all the purposes of what National H.O.G. has laid out for the H.O.G. Chapters. Since we are an official H.O.G. Chapter who have met the requirements of being an official H.O.G. Chapter since 1989, as my history research has uncovered, this makes our Chapter almost 29 years old. How many of you knew that Sunset H.O.G. has been around for almost 29 years? The date that National H.O.G. has for our Chapter’s original Charter is February 1989. At that time Paradise Harley-Davidson was under Beaverton Honda Harley-Davidson Kawasaki, which had a dealership number of #4077. This was also the Sunset H.O.G. Chapter Number. We are looking for ideas to give honor to our years as a Chapter perhaps creating a customized patch. If you have any suggestions for a slogan that we can have as a patch that signifies longevity as a H.O.G. Chapter, please send them to [email protected]. So, remember at our February 2018 Chapter meeting that our Chapter will be 29 years old. Let’s celebrate our maturity.


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David June 05, 2018


I joined Sunset HOG in June of 2016 after we purchased our first new Harley from Paradise Harley-Davidson. My first Harley was a 2007 Sportser 1200 low, which I purchase from a friend of a friend. When my wife who said she would never ride with me, ask me when we were going to Sturgis in June of 2016, I knew that if I wanted her to keep going with me on long rides, we had to get a bigger bike. I traded the 2007 Sportster in on a 2016 Ultra Limited Low. From that year on we put on 30,000 miles in 2 and a half years. This year we traded in our 2016 Ultra Limited for a 2018 Ultra Limited and have already started stacking on the miles.