Road Captains

Sunset Chapter 1814 of H.O.G. was formed to bring together Harley Davidson motorcycle owners that share a love of riding. The primary activity of the Chapter is group rides. Road Captains provide leadership for group rides and promote safe group riding in a fun atmosphere. If you are interested in becoming a Road Captain, Contact Senior Road Captain or use the link below.

Road Captain Responsibilities (National) The Harley Owners Group national organization has specified responsibilities to be performed by the Road Captains. These are as follows:

  • Assist the sponsoring dealer and chapter director in upholding the Annual Charter for H.O.G. Chapters
  • Assists in planning routes for chapter rides
  • Assists in keeping the chapter informed of all H.O.G. programs
  • Educates chapter members about group riding techniques
  • Informs chapter members of any hand signals used by the chapter on group rides
  • Assists in obtaining signed release forms for chapter rides
  • Acts as a guide for organized chapter rides


Volunteer To Be A Road Captain

Gary S.

Director / Road Captain

David B.

Assistant Director / Road Captain

Valerie M.

Treasurer / Road Captain

Phil S.

Sr. Road Captain

Trent F.

Assistant Sr. Road Captain

Martin H.

Road Captain Scribe

Dale S.

Safety Officer/Road Captain

Dano P.

Sergeant at Arms / Road Captain

Jeff M.

Road Captain/Core Member

Raymond M.

Road Captain / Core Member

Charles B.

Road Captain / Core Member

Ron G.

Road Captain / Core Member

Dan B.

Road Captain / Core Member

Russ H.

Webmaster / Road Captain

Steve W.

Road Captain

Dale H.

Road Captain

Kevin D.

Road Captain

Buck W.

Road Captain

Dave M.

Road Captain

Bob S.

Road Captain

Mike N.

Road Captain

Jerry H.

Road Captain


Road Captain Auxiliary

James H.

Road Captain / Photographer