Internal Ride 365 Chapter Challenge

 Internal Ride 365 Chapter Challenge

The milage tracking for the Monthly Recognition and Annual Competition described below is based on H.O.G.’s National database. To have you riding miles logged, you will need to periodically turn in your bike’s (1 or more) odometer readings to an authorized dealership. For Sunset Chapter members, the Motor Clothing counter (Front Desk) is a convenient location, and the staff is very aware of the Ride 365 Chapter Challenge milage tracking. VERY IMPORTANT: For the Ride 365 Chapter Challenge, you need to start your new miles every year. Miles don’t start counting until you start with a fresh odometer reading at the beginning of the year. If you ride 1,000 miles after January 1 and then turn in your miles for the first time after January 1, you will lose the 1,000 for your National Ride 365 Chapter Challenge and the Chapter Internal Monthly Recondition and Annual Competitions listed below.


Monthly Recognition

Members will be added to a "$20 Paradise gift card" drawings at each of the milestones met below by turning in your miles by the time Paradise Harley-Davidson closes on the Sunday before the monthly chapter meeting. Members do not need to be present to win.


1,000mi, 3,000mi, 6,000mi, 9,000mi, 12,000mi, 15,000mi, 20,000mi, 25,000mi and 30,000mi

Annual Competition

Overall Highest Mileage 1st-$100
Overall Highest Mileage 2nd-$75
Overall Highest Mileage 3rd-$50

Riders with the highest Increase 1st-$100
Riders with the highest Increase 2nd-$75
Riders with the highest Increase 3rd-$50

Note: Increased is based on your last previous year’s mileage based on Nationals H.O.G.’s Mileage records. If this is your first year, then you don’t qualify for this category.

Closest to Average 1 -$75
Closest to Average 2 - $50
Closest to Average 3 - $25

Six Random Winners will be drawn to win a $25 PHD gift card for all member with 3,000 or more miles and that did not win in any of the above categories.

Four Random Winners for passenger partners of riders with more than 1,000 miles-$25.

Ride 365 Chapter Challenge (internal) Competition Rules

Rules for “National Ride 365 Chapter Challenge” apply to our Internal Ride 365 Chapter Challenge as well as the rules listed below.

  • Previous other chapter mileage for current competition year will not count towards the annual internal competition after 4/30/2023.
  • Members transferring from another chapter will start competing with the miles from the date they select Sunset Chapter as their primary chapter to the end of the competition after 4/30/2023. If switched to Sunset Chapter by 4/30/2023, all miles count towards the competitions.
  • Member can only win in one of the categories listed above.
  • New chapter members that are also new HOG members will be eligible to join the competition on the date they join the Chapter.
  • Member’s National Membership must be valid at the beginning of the contest and end of the contest.
  • Member’s Chapter Membership must be valid at the beginning of the contest and end of the contest.
  • Passengers of Riders are not eligible for any of the competition categories. They are eligible to be entered into the $25 passenger drawing after their Rider has met the 1,000 miles.