Uncle Bucks Wheatland Ferry Ride: Arrive @ 10:00 am

Event date: 
Sun, 07/19/2020 - 10:00am

Uncle Bucks Wheatland Ferry Ride 

LRC: Buck Worthey
Contact info: [email protected]
Date: Sunday, July 19, 2020
Arrive: 10:00am
KSU: 10:30am

This ride covers Tualatin Valley, up over Chehalis Mountain, through the vast farmlands of the Willamete Valley, until we arrive at the Wheatland Ferry, where will enjoy a short ride. Then, it's off to Willamina, for a fuel stop. In Willamina, there is a small park where we will stop to enjoy our brown bag lunch (don't forget to pack yours). Then, it's back on the road again for a ride through a park-like setting across Bald Mountain with a view of the Gaston Barney Reservoir the ride flows out of the mountains into the quaint town of Gaston. From there, we will explore some back roads until we land at our favorite... PHD.

*This ride covers just under 150 miles and takes about six hours to complete. Such a fun ride ~ I'm sure you'll want to do it again!

Closed Event: Chapter activities are conducted primarily for the benefit of H.O.G. Chapter members. Closed Events are those events open to Chapter members and one guest per member.  All guests must sign an event release.

Event Coordinator: 
Buck W.