Chapter Challenges

The "F" Year Challenge

For 2019 the Sunset Chapter Challenge is find cities that start with “F” in Oregon and take a picture. Find as many as you can. At last count we have identified over 30 cities in Oregon. Have a Funtastic time Finding those F cities!

F – Year Challenge Rules

  • Starts March 12th to Sept 31 st, 2019
  • 1 st member to submit 15 cities with their picture to private Facebook group (hash tag #chapterchallenge) or email to receives a $25 gift card.
  • Most cities submitted by a member by Sept 31st receives a $100 gift card
  • All pictures are required to have in them o City sign or government building with city name starting with an F
  • Your bike o Your Face (single or group pictures)
  • Sunset logo page with F – Year Challenge 2019 (print from website or pick up at chapter meeting)
  • Submit all photos to the Sunset Chapter Facebook album titled F year Challenge
  • All members participating will receive a patch

Click here to download the Sunset logo page with "Fear Challenge 2019"

Activity Attendance Points

All those check-in points what are they for? Who can get to 250, 500 or 750 points firstt ? The first member that reaches these goals will play Lets make a Deal with the Director during the Chapter meeting. Could be an awesome prize could be a dud we will see. In case of a tie, all names will be entered into a hat and one members name will be drawn to play. The member with the most points by the December meeting wins a prize.

How to earn those points:

  • Make sure you get checked in at activities, rides and events
  • Attend chapter events
  • Attend chapter meetings
  • Attend rides & overnights 

2019 Sunset Chapter Ranking

(As of 3/21/2019)

Rank Name                                      Miles
1 Glenn Tsuda 5,213
2 Lance Kretlow 1,852
3 David Brown 1,463
4 Angela Brown 1067
5 Robert Heino 906
6 Trenton Fisher 634
7 Phil Sceleny 565
8 Dale Scobert 449
9 Gary Sutherland 434
10 Micah Dickerson 220
11 Michael Pritchett 110
12 Jennifer Fisher 86












Let’s make those miles count! Top 10 members in every quarter (March, June, Sept) will be entered into the drawing, one member will be drawn to win the $20 gift card (must be present at Chapter meeting for the quarterly drawing). The member with the most miles turned in by Dec 31st will earn a $100 gift card.

How to get your name in the running?

  • Turn in your miles monthly at Paradise Harley-Davidson (PHD) or with David Brown when sponsoring an event.
  • Watch Private Facebook page for updates
  • Ride, Ride, Ride!!!


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