2022 Chapter Challenge

Annual Prizes Winners

Annual prize winners will be presented their prize at the December 2022 Chapter meeting.


Historical Markers

  • 25 points for each historical marker from anywhere in the US or Canada
  • 5 extra points for wearing a historic costume in the Picture

Ride 365 Miles

  • 5 points for each 100 miles turned into the Ride 365 Chapter Challenge

Event Attendance (10 Points for all Calendar Events)

  • 10 points for each ride day (overnight rides are 10 points each day)
  • 10 points for Member Meeting
  • 10 points for breakfasts
  • 10 points for Meet & Mingle


  • 25 points for each new member referred that joins Sunset Chapter
  • 25 points for getting past members to rejoin (Any member that did not renew their membership since 2020 or older years)


Three annual prize winners

  • 1st - $100 Paradise HD Gift Card
  • 2nd Place - $75 Paradise HD Gift Card
  • 3rd Place - $50 Paradise HD Gift Card

Chapter Challenge Rules

  • Starts January 1st - Ends November 30th.
  • Must have points in all Categories except Recruiting.
  • Proof of historical marker must be a photo of the marker, your HD Motorcycle, rider(s) and with the “2022 Chapter Challenge” poster.
  • Any official Marker with the word “Historic” as part of the sign or marker.
  • Current Members competing for annual prizes must start their miles under Sunset Chapter by 4/30/2022 to be eligible. Previous other chapter mileage for current competition year will not count towards the “2022 Chapter Challenge” competition after 4/30/2022.
  • Members transferring from another chapter will start competing from the miles from the date they select Sunset Chapter as their primary chapter to the end of the competition date.
  • If a member wins in this “2022 Chapter Challenge” they are not eligible to win in the “Internal Ride 365 Chapter Challenge”

New chapter members that are also new HOG members will be eligible to join the competition on the date they join and should register their starting miles as soon as possible to take advantage of the miles they ride.

Example of How Members Earn Points

Challenge Category Member 1 Member 2 Member 3 Member 4
Historical Markers 25 625 1,200 250
Ride 365 Mile Points 1,500 400 700 1,000
Event Attendance 320 150 150 50
Recruiting 50 25 0 100
Challenge Total Points 1,895 1,200 2,050 1,400
Ride 365 Miles by Nov 30th 30,000 8,000 14,000 20,000


Member 1:  Turns in 1 Historical picture, Road 30,000 miles, attends 32 rides/events and get 2 new members to sign up
Member 2:  Turns in 25 Historical pictures, Road 8,000 miles, attends 15 rides/events and gets 1 new member to sign up
Member 3:  Turns in 40 Historical pictures with extra point for wearing George Washington wig, road 14,000 miles, attends 15 rides/events, gets 0 new members
Member 4:  Turns in 10 Historical pictures, road 20,000 miles, attends 5 rides/events, gets 4 new members





Click on the "2022 Chapter Challenge” poster image below to Print the Poster